NGO Donates to Peki Adzokoe R.C. School

The Peki Adzokoe Roman Catholic Junior High School (JHS) received gifts of certificates, toys, and clothing over the holiday season from the non-profit Benemef Foundation and educationist Dr. Wanda Evans-Brewer.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Tema, Mr. Benjamin Kwame Opare, the Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation, stated that the presentation coincided with the speech and prize-giving day of the Peki Adzokoe R.C. Primary School.

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He praised the school administration for using resources wisely and institutionalizing the speech and a prize-giving day at the elementary level.

In August of last year, the NGO, with assistance from Dr. Evans-Brewer, renovated a little library for the Peki Adzokoe Roman Catholic Junior High School in an effort to encourage students in the neighborhood to read more. They also supplied a wheelchair to a stroke sufferer.

Mr. Opare stated that the school’s old library was in a very poor condition, which was why it needed to be renovated. He added that the Foundation asked for donations from well-meaning Ghanaians to help with the renovation and supplied the library with books.

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We’re going to monitor and make sure the students are making the changes we want to see because education closes the literacy gap and lowers poverty in a community, he said.

Dr. Evans-Brewer, a philanthropist as well, told the GNA that it was a blessing to be a part of the team that rebuilt the miniature library that she freely distributed books from.

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She gave 100 volumes to the school and community and pleaded with the teachers, kids, and community to take excellent care of the donated books, emphasizing that “if the library is not kept well, the donation was not appreciated, so I won’t keep collaboration with you again.”


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