North Dayi District Assembly undertakes initiative to promote socioe-conomic growth 

The Volta Region’s North Dayi District Assembly officials have launched a program to support the district’s socioeconomic development.

In addition to other projects, the Assembly, led by District Chief Executive Edmund Kudjo Atta, wants to establish satellite markets in strategic places.

One of the least economically active populations in the Volta Region is found in the North Dayi District.

The district’s teeming youth lack employment opportunities because there is just one commercially viable market there.

But even while other options are being studied, the District Assembly is plotting to change the story by constructing satellite markets to boost the development of the neighborhood economy.

The Assembly is supporting a local proposal to open the first satellite market at the Aveme Dayigba near the Volta Lake in this regard.

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“Premix fuel is expensive these days, thus shipping things to Gemeni costs more money. During their voyages, some boats run out of gasoline, which can cause mishaps.

So we made the choice to stay here. The area would make a good natural harbor, and the intermediaries like it too, according to opinion leader Louis Acolatse.

A delegation from the Assembly and Mr. Kudjo Atta visited the market to discuss a plan for turning it into a more appropriate trading center.

Shades, a warehouse, sanitary facilities, utilities, and other ancillary amenities are among the things the Assembly hopes to supply.

According to Mr. Atta, the project is intended to carry out the duty of local economic development in order to generate jobs and raise people’s standard of living.

“We will look for money, we have various sources of funding and we will go into that and make sure that we have money for this particular project” he said.

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He outlined the significance of the project and promised to employ all means possible to see to the development of the market, which he believes would have a replicate effect on the revenue mobilization efforts of the Assembly in the future.

He is confident that once the market is formed, it will help to raise the standard of living for locals who would have access to the workforce.

The market will serve as a distribution hub for fish goods, food crops, and charcoal from the Afram Plains and adjacent riverine settlements.

Given the nature of the road and their relationship with the wholesalers, some middlemen expressed their delight about the idea and said the location of the new market will benefit their trade activities.

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“They have established a new market at Aveme, this is where we buy charcoal. The road is good, the traders also treat us well but they must consider the pricing of the goods”, said Winfred Kafui Saba, a middleman.

By participating in economic activities, locals have already begun to gain from the effort and be able to support themselves and their families.

“We are pleased with this market’s location. The market is fairly lively and there are trades going on. We appreciate those who brought the market here, said local resident Richard.

More satellite markets are being planned by the North Dayi District Assembly in an effort to expand trade opportunities, generate employment, and improve living standards.


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