Okudzeto-Ablakwa’s lies about train attack on Ghanaian students in Ukraine exposed

On Covid-19 in China and Russian train attack in Ukraine, the North Tongu MP seems to make stuff up to get attention.

Member of Parliament from North Tongu Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa is assuming an ignoble reputation of making things up to arrogate to himself a certain authority on Ghanaian students overseas.

But on two critical occasions, he has been caught with his pants down just flat out lying to make the ruling NPP government look bad or insensitive to the flight of Ghanaian students overseas.

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Ablakwa’s latest fabrication is his “revelation” that a Ukrainian train carrying Ghanaian students has been attacked by Russian forces.

First, a simple Google search returned no such train attack in Ukraine by Russian forces, a development which would have been widely reported by the international media since it would have been a notable departure from Russia’s claim that it is only targeting Ukraine’s military installations.

Second, a further check by DNT from our correspondents in Ukraine also failed to unearth any such attack.

It may be recalled that at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Ablakwa ostensibly held a news conference to report that Ghanaian students were dying of the virus in China and that the NPP government was being insensitive by leaving them there.

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Back then DNT Correspondent Michael Amponsah sent in a comprehensive report backed by video evidence showing Ghanaian students comfortably indicating that they were fine, and that Ghana’s Embassy in Beijing had done an outstanding job taking care of them.

These two episode illustrate the desperation on the part of the likes of Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa in their penchant to seize on any outside mishap to paint the government in bad light.

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On another note, a message has been making the rounds on Social media advising Ghanaian students in Ukraine to contact a certain Dr. Albert Kitcher and a fictitious address for help.

Dr. Albert Kitcher himself has come out to dispute that message and asked that people do not contact him as he has no such connection to any help for Ghanaian students.

DNT News with correspondence reports from Magdalene Nonkwia, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Source: DNT News


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