People of Adaklu Ahunda Boso embark on several development projects

The people of Adaklu Ahunda Boso in the Adaklu District of the Volta Region have been commended for their self-help spirit, translating into several development projects.

A three-unit classroom block for the primary school, a kindergarten block, an ICT Centre, laboratory facility for the health centre, and some water projects have all been completed without external support.

Mr Kwame Agbodza, the Member of Parliament for Adaklu, and Madam Juliana Kpedekpo, the Chief Executive, commended the people in separate addresses delivered on their behalf at the 17th Midezor Festival of the chiefs and people of Adaklu Ahunda Boso.

Midezor, which means ‘make progress’, was instituted in 2006 by the community to serve as homecoming event to raise funds for development and progress.

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It is also a platform to bring the youth and elderly together to bond, strengthen the traditions, as well as keep non-resident citizens abreast of community issues.

Mr Agbodza said if all communities would take their destinies into their hands, development would be enhanced and urged all to emulate the example of Adaklo Boso.

Madam Kpedekpo reminded the people that though the government was doing its best for equitable development, it was refreshing to see community self-help projects to complement its efforts.

Togbe Asamoa IV, Chief of Adaklu Ahunda Boso, said the people lacked a good toilet facility, which resulted in open defecation likely to pose health hazards to the community.

He said funds raised at this year’s festival would be used to construct two 16-seater water closet toilet facilities for the school and the community.

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Togbe Asamoa appealed to philanthropists to help replace the malfunctioning computers at the refurbished community basic school’s ICT laboratory and stock the library with books to improve education.

He said the community was currently constructing a structure to serve as a fire service post and that the Ghana National Fire Service would be contacted to post personnel there when completed.

Togbe Asamoa praised some community members for releasing rooms for health workers to facilitate their work and called on the government to complement that effort by constructing permanent accommodation for them.

Mr Victus Dzah, the Chairman of the festival planning committee, said resident and non-resident citizens were levied GHC50 and GHC100, respectively, towards the water closet project.

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He said GHC300,000 was needed to ensure its completion and appealed to philanthropists and corporate bodies to go to their aid.

Togbe Atsuga Soga II, Divisional Chief of Sogakope, appealed to his colleague chiefs to formulate programmes and policies for youth development, being the future leaders.

He urged them to avoid chieftaincy disputes and petty squabbles, which were retarding the development of the Volta Region.

Togbe Agumedra Afeke VI, Chief of Adaklu Torda, who chaired the function said the development of Adaklu could only be possible if the chiefs and people were united devoid of political coloration.

Over GHC13,000 was realised during an appeal for funds towards the water closet project.

Source: GNA


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