PURC Announces Reduction In Electricity Tariff For Residential Consumer

In its first-quarter tariff review decision, the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) has announced a marginal reduction in electricity tariffs for residential consumers.

However, there will be no change in prices paid by lifeline consumers and residential consumers within the consumption bracket of 0-300 kWh.

According to PURC, the reduction of 6.56% will benefit residential consumers within the consumption bracket of 301 kWh and above. However, the non-residential class of consumers within the 0-300 kWh bracket will not see any change in their rates. Consumers in the 301 kWh and above class will experience an average reduction of 4.98%.

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The decision was outlined in a press release signed by Dr. Ishmael Ackah, Executive Secretary of the PURC. The statement also stated that water tariffs for all customer classes will remain unchanged for the reviewed period.

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This announcement comes after the PURC’s fourth-quarter tariff review in November 2023, where a 0.34% increase in water tariffs and a 1.52% decrease in electricity tariffs were implemented on December 1, 2023. Despite these changes, the water tariff for residential customers increased slightly from GHS/m³ 4.72 to 4.74, while non-residential customers saw a rise from GHS/m³ 14.13 to 14.19.

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Water sachet producers and industrial consumers also experienced an increase in their tariffs. Water sachet producers saw their tariff hiked from GHS/m³ 22.26 to 22.34, while industrial consumers’ tariff moved from GHS/m³ 25.29 to 25.38.

The PURC’s decision aims to provide relief for residential consumers with higher electricity consumption while ensuring stability in water tariffs for all customer classes.

Source: Dailyguide


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