Tafi Atome-Anfoe Aveti bridge on verge of collapse

The dilapidated nature of a bridge located between Tafi Atome and Anfoe Aveti over Dayi River, is near collapse.

The current nature of the bridge is disrupting economic and transport routes from Ho through Tafi Atome to Kpando as well as to parts the Oti region including Dambai.

Mr. Ossoh Alphonse, Opinion Leader, Tafi Atome, disclosed to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that the bridge was a joined one made up of two separately constructed bridges.

He said a German firm constructed the first bridge over the Dayi River, but it easily overflows its banks, creating another route aside flowing under the first constructed bridge.

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Mr. Ossoh said the situation had compelled another firm called Voradep to construct a new bridge over the river, which had cut a new route for itself.

He said the firm was putting up a metallic bridge but could not finish before leaving the site.

Mr. Ossoh said when a new firm was contracted to tar the Tafi Atome road, they had to complete the remaining works and joined the newly constructed bridge to the existing one.

He was of the view that the metals used might have rotten leading to the current development, hence, the urgent needed attention.

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The Ghana News Agency observed that both sides of the bridge were almost carved in while cracks were developing on the bridge.

It also observed that the downpour mostly caused the river to overflow the bridge.

An observation made by the Police personnel stationed at the Logba junction to inform travellers of the nature of the bridge and to find alternative routes.

Madam Maud Azameti, a businesswoman said the nature of the bridge deserved an urgent attention.

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“This bridge has become a death trap and it is something that scares those of us who use this road.”

She said if the needed attention was not given to salvage the situation, transport especially from Kpando to Ho would be a tiring one since all alternative routes were long.

Master Eric, a Ho-Kpando bound driver said the current state of the bridge would not permit two cars crossing at the same time.

He said the route was the shortest and gave easy access hence finding alternative routes would be costly.



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