Volta Region: Final-year student of Three Town SHS injures teacher in knife attack

A teacher at the Three Town Senior High School at Denu in the Ketu South Municipality of the Volta Region, has sustained a deep cut in the arm following an altercation with a final year Visual Arts student in the school

The student is alleged to have been manhandling a first-year student when the teacher was intervening to rescue, leading to the misunderstanding.

The student in the process pulled out a sharp object and attempted stabbing the teacher, but ended up cutting the teacher’s arm in the process.

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Assembly Member for the area, Isreal Bossman, narrated the incident to Citi News.

“The teacher saw the final year student bullying a form one student. So the teacher tried to stop the bullying. But the boy wouldn’t listen, so he decided to use the cane on the student. But the student got furious and rushed to go for a stone. The teacher sensing danger tried to overpower the student, and he left.”

“But when the teacher was moving back to the classroom, little did he know that the student was holding a sharp object he had for practical lessons. So the student pounced on the teacher and tried stabbing the teacher in the stomach, but ended up cutting the teacher in the arm. Some other students intervened and managed to take the object from their colleague. The student then took to his heels”, he added.

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The Assembly Member also indicated that teachers of the school have suspended teaching in solidarity with their colleague.

“So currently, teachers in the school have laid down their tools. According to them, they will not be teaching until justice is served. The school is calm, although the teachers are peeved because they say, this has been happening for some time now. They say hooliganism on campus is on the increase, and they are scared, so they are not going back to the classroom anytime soon.”

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Meanwhile, the student who was earlier arrested has been granted bail to enable him to participate in examinations scheduled to begin on Monday.

Source: Citinewsroom


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