VR: Rice farmers looking forward to a good season under Nserewa scheme

Rice farmers in the Volta region have expressed optimism for the major season after receiving support through the Nserewa scheme. The about 300 farmers, the majority women, who are currently working on 1200 acres in Asutuare, Weta, Kpoglo and Golokuati have received the complete set of inputs for the season consisting of seed, fertilizer, crop protection and technical support through funding from the Nserewa crowd-farming scheme.

The 1200-acre project is being executed by the Chi-Gaba Outgrower Support Scheme and is expected to change the lives of beneficiary farmers, produce over 2,000 tonnes of rice and create value for sponsors.

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Speaking at a stakeholder engagement, the rice farmers expressed their joy with the outcomes so far. “When the season was about to begin, We were not sure how we were going to farm this year because prices of all the inputs had gone up. I was not sure of how I could buy input, especially fertilizer,” one beneficiary, Enyonam said at the meeting.

She added that “but Chi-Gaba came in with help, and provided all the inputs, training and technical support we needed to get started. Now I’m happy whenever I see the fields and the rice growing.”

Another farmer, Aku, said the support received this year has given them a lifeline and promised on behalf of the farmers to work diligently to deliver good  results.

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“Chi-Gaba has been a good pillar of support for us. But for them, someone like me would not have any means of farming this year. Imagine how difficult life would be for me and my family. My farm is doing well and the quality fertilizers we got are working. Now we will continue to take good care of the fields to ensure the harvest is good.”

The Project Technical Lead for the Nserewa Rice Project, Eugene Zori, assured the farmers of continuous support and an expansion of the scheme in the upcoming seasons. He advised the farmers to be diligent and follow all the protocols to get the right yields.

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Chi-Gaba is an outgrower support scheme run by Newage Agric Solutions Limited. Chi-Gaba ensures that farmers are provided with the necessary input and technical assistance for the farming season.

After harvest, farmers payback for the inputs in the form of produce. Currently, Chi Gaba is working with about 10,000 farmers on rice, maize and soya production around Ghana.

Source: Avenortv


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