‘We don’t accept this type of dance here’ – Togbe Tepreh Hodo IV to dancers who portrayed twerking as ‘borborbor’

Paramount Chief of Anfoega Traditional Area, Togbe Tepreh Hodo IV, has in an unceremonious way stopped a group of dancers from portraying the ‘borborbor’ dance in an indecent manner.

As a tradition of the Ewes in the middle belt of the Volta Region, the dance is a very prominent feature at every public gathering.

Having been performed since time immemorial, it is not only delightful to its people, it is seen as a tradition that has been passed on from one generation to the other.

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Thus, when a group of dancers in an attempt to ‘spice up their show’ introduced sexually suggestive dance moves also known as ‘twerking’, the natives and their traditional leader could not watch on, unconcerned.

So at that very durbar of Chiefs during the Easter celebrations at Anfoega Akukome on Saturday, April 16, the Paramount Chief called off the group’s performance.

According to reports by The Spectator, activities lined up for the day were going smoothly until a borborbor group from one of the towns was called upon to entertain the gathering.

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“The group brought on their best performance, moving to rhythm and good tunes before the Master of Ceremony (MC) signalled them to call it off, apparently due to their seductive dance move and somewhat indecent outfit,” the newspaper reported.

The dancers, however, defied the orders and continued the performance which prompted the Paramount Chief himself to step in and show them the exit.

“There is something called protocol but I will break it,” Togbe Tepreh Hodo IV said when he grabbed the microphone from the MC.

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“We don’t accept this type of dance here. Don’t come and perform this kind of dance in our midst ever again,” he fumed in the local dialect.

Natives at the event lauded the order of the Paramount Chief.

They also expressed reservations on how some young people have sought to change the face of ‘borborbor’ with ‘inappropriate’ dancing styles.



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