You’ll be used as a scapegoat to prove the potency of our gods – Nogokpo Chiefs warn

Chiefs and Elders of Nogokpo in the Ketu South Municipality of Volta Region say after the 14 days ultimatum given to the founder of the Perez Chapel International, Archbishop Charles Agyinasare, they will teach him a lesson if he does not do the needful.

The Chiefs of Nogokpo, a community in the Volta Region, have summoned Archbishop Charles Agyinasare to appear before them within fourteen days.

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Speaking on the matter in an interview on Accra-based Angel FM, a Lecturer at the Amuawo Development Institute and an Elder of the community Mawufermor Korbla Noryibey indicated that “if he does not heed our calls on doing the right thing, we will show him that the religion that was introduced to him by the Whiteman is nothing compared to their gods”.

“On Sunday, he said he has married our sister and they have children. You cannot look into the eyes of your inlaws and insult them like he did. Moreover, he did not show respect to his wife, so we think he disrespects us,” he said.

“Have you ever seen people in the African Traditional Religion insult other religions? No, we don’t do that. But when Christians have the least opportunity, they want to disrespect us. If Agyin Asare does not come to do the needful, we will use him as a scapegoat.”

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“We want him to come and show us why Nogokpo is the demonic headquarters. He should come and explain to us physically and spiritually why he said that in the first place. At this point, an apology alone is not enough,” he added.

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