Ziavi-Lume residents appeal for support towards completing self-initiated ICT project

The Chiefs and people of Ziavi-Lume in the Ho Municipality of the Volta Region have appealed for support towards implementing an information technology community project. 

The project seeks to provide train pupils in ICT and provide soft skills to the youth, aimed at creating jobs and wealth among the teeming youth. 

Ziavi-Lume is an agrarian community settled 2 kilometers north west of Ho.

Residents rely on proceeds from the sales of their farm produce, commercial moto riding and artistry works to support their livelihoods. 

Realizing the government’s inability to provide the pupils of the Ziavi-Lume E.P Basic School with logistics for information technology education, the management furnished the school with some computers with support from an NGO. 

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An ICT Tutor at the school, Brilliant Attam, explained only two laptops and a desktop are functional, out of the lots, hence pupils have to take turns to try their hands on the gadgets during practical lessons.

This he said has made teaching of the ICT discipline difficult as “the pupils need more time to assimilate what has been thought and get acquainted with the operating of the gadgets.”

To ensure the pupils have befitting ICT education, the Ziavi-Lume decided to initiate a self-finance project to provide an ultra-modern lab for the community. 

In line with this, the Ziavi-Lume Ngoryiyiza was, therefore, instituted some years ago to raise funds to construct a center to train the pupils and youth in ICT.

The occasion is held during Easter festivities, where indigenes home and abroad gather to contribute towards the initiative. 

Through levies, donations, and auction bidding of foodstuff, a 3-unit structure has been completed to be furnished with ICT logistics. 

The center would not only provide training for pupils of the basic school but serve as an incubation center to provide soft skills for the youth. 

The Chairman of the Planning Committee, Dutorfia of Ziavi-Lume, Togbe Dagbade II, said it was imperative for the community to take such an initiative knowing the significant contributions of ICT towards human and physical development.

He said the community over the last decade raised an appreciable amount to construct a 3-unit structure to house an ICT lab, library and other ancillary facilities. 

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“We are, therefore, appealing with all and sundry to support us. Somebody can give us sets of computers, someone can also give us desk, chairs, UPS, a projector to make the facility complete”, he said. 

The Dufia of Ziavi-Lume, Togbe Adza Kodzo III, admonished the youth to continue to exhibit the spirit of communalism and support the chiefs develop the enclave. 

He assured of the continues lead of the traditional authorities to harness potentials in the area towards enhancing livelihoods in the community.

The Paramount Chief of Ziavi, Togbe Ayim Kwaku IV, to continue to exhibit love to each other to coheres peace and unity in the community.

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