Azumah Nelson’s mother passes away at age 86

Comfort Azumah Nelson’s mother, Atwei Quarcoo, passed away.

She died on January 2 at the age of 86.

After fighting illness for months, Madam Quarcoo reportedly passed away peacefully at home.

He remarked in a succinct statement, “The Bible says we should give thanks to God in everything, so we thank the almighty for this one too. Three days ago, when I was with her, I could tell she was in pain, so I know now that she is at rest.

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The late mum of Azumah Nelson, Comfort Atwei Quarcoo
“After raising her children well and seeing her grandchildren, she has done very well and deserves some rest. This is a celebration of life,” he added.

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Azumah has also requested that Ghanaians pray for him and his family.

The family said more information about the burial and funeral ceremonies will be released soon.

Three-time World Boxing Champion Azumah Nelson is also Africa’s Greatest Boxer, the WBC’s Greatest Super Featherweight Boxer of All-Time, and a 2004 inductee into the Boxing Hall of Fame.

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He was also admitted to the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame in August 2022.


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