Edem Senanu, others threaten legal action over SSNIT Hotels sale to Bryan Acheampong

The Coalition for Democratic Accountability and Inclusive Governance has expressed potential plans to pursue legal action if the transaction between the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) and Agriculture Minister, Bryan Acheampong, proceeds. 

The Coalition has voiced significant concerns about the deal, particularly highlighting a possible conflict of interest.

The controversy centres on the sale of SSNIT’s 60 per cent shares in four hotels to Bryan Acheampong’s company, Rock City. 

The Coalition has demanded detailed information on how Rock City secured the winning bid for these assets. Their apprehension stems from the need to ensure that the transaction was conducted fairly and transparently.

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In an interview with Citi FM on Wednesday, May 22, Edem Senanu, a member of the Coalition, emphasised the group’s commitment to pursuing all necessary measures to guarantee accountability in this matter. 

Mr Senanu stressed that the Coalition is prepared to take legal action if it is determined that any illegality has occurred in the transaction process.

According to Mr Senanu, the Coalition believes that the transaction may have violated legal standards, and they are prepared to go to court to address and rectify any such violations.

The group’s primary objective is to ensure that the sale adheres to principles of transparency and fairness, free from conflicts of interest.

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In conclusion, the Coalition for Democratic Accountability and Inclusive Governance insisted that poised to take a stand against the SSNIT transaction with Bryan Acheampong. 

“There has been an illegality, so one has to review the process. So I don’t think that the horse has bolted. I think there is still an opportunity.

“SSNIT itself has said it recognises and acknowledges that CHRAJ is investigating, and I think that is the way to go. Our position is that fundamentally, the reasons we have been provided raise red flags, let alone the processes and methodology.”

“What the money is going to be used for, how it is going to generate the objectives they set out to achieve. There is no clarity on any of these. I think that there is still time to make amends if we as a country want to do that.”

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“If we get to the point where we think that it is necessary to take court action, we will discuss that and look into it, but we haven’t been to court.

“If we have to, we will get to a point where we assess that the Coalition needs to do that. That is definitely an option that will be explored.”



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