Pharmacy Council investigates Fella Makafui over unlicensed drug advice on body enhancement products

The Pharmacy Council of Ghana has revealed that popular social media influencer and actress Fella Makafui is under investigation for providing unlicensed advice on using drugs to enhance body parts.

According to the council, Makafui has been secretly monitored for several months, with numerous accusations piling up against her.

Amaning Danquah, the acting registrar of the Pharmacy Council, told Asaase News that the council has gathered compelling evidence suggesting Makafui’s involvement in the sale of unregistered drugs, telling her audience to use these drugs without concrete proof of their effects.

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Danquah emphasised that the enforcement of regulations is an ongoing process. “It’s not a one-day activity,” he stated.

“The current arrest was not part of the previous enforcement actions we took in Accra Mall. We will continue to ensure compliance with the law.”

The accusations against Makafui extend beyond the sale of unregistered drugs. She is also accused of engaging in false advertising and disseminating unapproved advertisements by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA).

“We are particularly concerned about individuals who hide under the guise of practising herbal medicine to evade regulations,” Dr Danquah noted.

“The practice of medicine and pharmacy is strictly regulated and we will not allow anyone to bypass these regulations.”

When asked if the public arrests and disclosures of popular figures like Makafui are intended to serve as a deterrent, Dr Danquah acknowledged the potential impact but clarified the council’s primary focus.

“Our goal is not just to make an example out of prominent individuals but to ensure fairness and compliance. We have companies in this country paying taxes and fees to the council, and it is unfair for unregistered entities to operate without adhering to the same standards.”

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The Pharmacy Council urges the public to be vigilant and to verify the legitimacy of pharmaceutical products before purchasing them.

They also remind influencers of their responsibility to comply with legal and ethical standards when promoting products.

Fella Makafui has yet to make a public statement regarding these allegations.



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