Ho Municipal Assembly Gets New Office Complex

To give the Ho Municipal Assembly a facelift, a new office structure has been commissioned.

At a ceremony for handing over the building, Mr. Richard Divine Kwamla Bosson, the Municipal Chief Executive for Ho, who oversaw its construction, claimed that it was a fulfillment of his pledges to the populace.

Yandeg Construction Company Limited was given the contract to build an office complex, and it is now open for business.

The MCE claims that from the moment he was confirmed and sworn in as the Municipality’s Chief Executive, the office of the Municipal Chief Executive and the Co-ordinating Director (MCD) of the Assembly were top priorities on his agenda.

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“I can remember making a pledge on the day I was confirmed and sworn in as MCE to provide the assembly with an appropriate office building in preparation for becoming a metropolitan region, as well as to bring development projects to every town in the Municipality, whether it be rural or urban.” He recalled.

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Through President Nana Akufo Addo’s assistance, according to Mr. Bosson, the Ho Municipal Assembly will once again receive a GH7.5 million, ultra-modern office complex. The project has already been granted, and work is moving forward steadily.

He thanked the assembly’s revenue office for its assistance in raising money, which he noted had contributed to the increase in the Internally Generated Fund (IGF) the previous year.

The Ho MCE recognized the patience and fortitude of assembly employees who are paid through the IGF, particularly during the times when they went without pay despite diligently carrying out their duties. He also cautioned employees who fell behind on their duties to “back up before the dark days come.” He issued a caution.

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Staff from the Ho Municipal Assembly, Chiefs and Queen Mothers from the Municipality, members of the community, and other stakeholders all attended the occasion.



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