Hon. Dzudzorli Gakpe supports Keta youth in education and skills training

Mr. Kwame Dzudzorli Gakpe, the Member of Parliament (MP) for the Keta Constituency in the Volta Region, has offered some chosen youth in his community skill training as part of his “support for the youth ambition” initiative.

According to Mr. Gakpe, the activity would assist beneficiaries from the various communities in the Keta Municipality who were enrolled in vocational programs like carpentry, hairdressing, and fashion to acquire the necessary skills in order to lessen the high level of unemployment in the region and the nation at large.

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He declared that this year, he would increase the number of youths enrolled in his sponsorship program to 1000.

“Around 700 youth and others benefited last year,” he stated, “and I anticipate that another 300 youth will receive their support this year, including graduation expenses.”

In order to prepare them for a better future, he advised the new trainees and their Master craftsmen to attach the necessary seriousness to the exercise.

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300 apprentices from Vodza, Abor, Kedzikope, and other places received a total of 100 new sewing machines with the “butterfly” brand.

The recipients acknowledged their delight, thanked Mr. Gakpe for his kindness, and promised to put in more effort.

Regarding education, Mr. Gakpe claimed to have funded 150 students from various academic disciplines.

He also made it clear that he would be encouraging more young people to enter the agricultural sector so they could receive the necessary skills in farming pursuits like beekeeping, snail rearing, and sweet potato farming.

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These were partially funded by Togbe Afede XIV, the Agbogbomefia of the Asogli State, who gave GHC 100,000 to the three coastal districts in the area that were impacted by the tidal wave calamity last year.


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