‘Let’s hold dear our peace and stability’ – Makafui Woanyah advises 

The Volta Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has advised Ghanaians to protect the peace and stability being enjoyed in the country. 

Mr. Makafui Woanyah expressed concern about a section of the public and the media making some pronouncements that undermine the peace of the country. 

“Those who do not know the history of this country can toy with such dangerous ideas”, he said when addressing a press soiree in the Volta Region. 

He entreated the media to continue to be circumspect in its reportage.

“I want to remind the press that in the event of any upheaval. The press will be the first casualty, so let’s hold dear our peace and stability. The press has a major role to play in the preservation of our collective security and stability,” Mr. Woanya said.

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The NPP Director of Communications, Richard Ahiagba, counselled the media to hold political activists to their word and question submissions and issues raised by the opposition. 

“We need your participation, you must resort to a balanced reporting of the news that ensures that you hold those guys [opposition] accountable”, he stressed. 

Mr. Ahiagbah said his party envisions the 2024 general elections to be a contest of ideas and not sheer propaganda, adding that the media must provide a platform for the NDC and NPP to debate their ideas for developing the country. 

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“So we can have a conversation of ideas. We agree [on] the challenges and we can show you why we are in this situation.

So if you come to terms with that and you leverage your fairness and independence to ask all the questions and let NDC show us what they will do and let NPP show you what to do, we are confident that any day, the ideas we have, the options we have to help Ghana are always superior and the records will affirm that position”, he said. 

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A former Volta Regional NPP Chairman, Kenwood Nuworsu, implored the media to be responsible in its reportage and enlighten the citizenry on happenings in the country to prevent them from being influenced by propaganda.

“The two-edged sword in your hand must be used responsibly”, he admonished. 

He implored the media to continue to protect the Ghana’s democracy to sustain the press freedom being enjoyed in the country among others.

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