Green Ghana Day: Keta Municipal Assembly plants trees; MCE urges residents to nurture them

Institutions, departmental heads and residents in Keta have been advised to keep nurturing the trees planted in the various communities in the Municipality to improve the greenery in the area.

The MCE for Keta, Emmanuel Gemegah gave the advice when he led departmental heads and some residents as well as traditional leaders to plant trees at some vantage points and communities in the municipality to mark this year’s Green Ghana Day.

Recognising the importance of a healthy environment for the well-being of residents, he embarked on a mission to instill a sense of urgency and responsibility for tree planting among the heads of departments and institutions in Keta.

Emmanuel Gemegah, who said he had always been an advocate for sustainable development and understood the crucial role trees played in preserving the environment and enhancing the overall health of the town, urged them to help maintain and keep the trees alive.

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He believed that by increasing the green cover in Keta, they could combat pollution, reduce the effects of climate change and promote a healthier lifestyle for the people.

Mr Gemegah articulated the significance of tree planting in improving public health, emphasising how trees could purify the air by absorbing harmful pollutants, providing shade and coolness during hot seasons, and mitigating the impacts of flooding by retaining rainwater.

Drawing upon scientific evidence and success stories from other regions, Mr Gemegah painted a vivid picture of the potential benefits that awaited the community if they embrace tree planting as a collective endeavour.

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He urged the heads of departments and institutions to incorporate tree-planting programmes into their respective spaces be it schools, hospitals, government offices and other public spaces.

To bolster his plea, the MCE proposed a comprehensive action plan and suggested forming a committee comprising of representatives from each department and institution, tasked with coordinating tree-planting initiatives across Keta.

“The committee would collaborate with local nurseries, NGOs, and environmental experts to secure a steady supply of native tree saplings and educate the public on the proper techniques of planting and nurturing trees,” Mr Gemegah said.

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Recognising that financial resources were often a constraint, Mr Gemegah proposed seeking sponsorship from corporate entities and encouraging public-private partnerships to fund tree planting projects.

He stressed that the long-term benefits of a healthier community would far outweigh the initial investment, and the positive impact on public health would ripple through every aspect of Keta’s development.

Inspired by his passion and vision, the heads of departments and institutions unanimously pledged their support for the cause, and said they are committed to integrating tree planting initiatives into their work environments, allocating resources for the purchase and maintenance of saplings, and raising awareness among their staff and the public.



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