Avee residents rely on streams and wells due to inadequate potable water supply

Residents of Avee in the Ho Municipality of the Volta Region are suffering the brunt of inadequate potable water supply.

The community folks heavily rely on a single borehole, supplemented by a well and stream, which dries up during the harmattan season.

The Avee Traditional Area which has a population of about 2,000 constitutes two communities, AveeGborgame and Avee.

In Avee Gborgame, the residents fall on water from a century-old well and the rains as supplementary sources. Though the water is clean, it has some salt content in it.

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“The water is okay for us, this is what we use for everything domestic, we are okay with it, but it is salty and doesn’t ladder well when using it to wash”, said Da Mansa.

The situation is more dire in Avee Tokor, where 3 boreholes constructed in the community have run faulty.

The residents partly survive on a stream on the outskirts of the community, which contains unwholesome water. The women scope the water gently and in turns, to avoid mudding it.

“When it stops raining we have to dredge the area for water, or else we won’t get water to use at home”, Tsiami Muttey lamented.

Due to this, there is immense pressure on the only borehole serving both communities. This has been a source of worry to traditional and political authorities in the Ave Traditional Area.

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Togbe Atsroe pleaded that the well water be treated and provided a mechanized system with fetching points at vantage points in the community.

“We are so in need of potable water, when a treatment plant is installed on the well and mechanized, our problem will be solved”, he said.



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